“We want to be bigger than Metallica” Aftabuzzaman Tridib, Vocalist of Mechanix!



Mechanix is not a new name in today’s music scene, in Bangladesh. Fast-paced tracks, harsh screams and growls, face-melting guitar solos and electrifying performances have made them, not only famous, stand out in the whole music community. Their first ever solo album “Oporajeyo” was released about a month ago which not only had their trademark style of music, but it came with a lot of twists, in terms of composition and lyrical material. Youthsparks caught up with Tridib one night to discuss about Mechanix’s journey throughout these years and the album as well. So, here’s what happened.



When did it all start?

Tridib(Mechanix): It all started off in November, 2005. I was in a band name, “Metrical”, along with Rusho bhai and Tamzid, and in “Annex”, along with Reaz. Both of the bands weren’t serious about the music they do. Reaz was very keen to do heavy metal music, so I told Reaz about forming a new band, for making some serious music. I was listening to Megadeth’s track name, “Mechanix” and thought; this can be the name of our new project. I told Tamzid about it and he was cool with it. We had a guitar audition from where we got Imran and then it started off with intensive practice sessions for six months till we hit the stage in July 2006. We basically started the band for improving ourselves, with the fun of competing against each other and we enjoy doing that.


From the inception of the band, what was the objective of forming Mechanix?

Tridib(Mechanix): We basically started the band for improving ourselves, with the fun of competing against each other and we enjoy doing that, and we still do that. If we talk about the big target, then I would say that we want to be bigger than Metallica. It might sound impossible but we believe it can be done. We are big fans of Metallica and we believe we can do it. We know and recognize the fact that the international market is tough, and accept the fact that we didn’t reach that level to compete with bands in the international market, but all of us have been focusing on making to the international level right from the very start, and we are still improving ourselves to face the tough competition. As far as going international is concerned, we plan to release Oporajeyo in the international market by bringing some changes to it, like changing the musical arrangements a bit, mixing and mastering it again or by changing the lyrics or the tune and all…



What do you think, is a barrier for local bands to be internationally famous?

Tridib(Mechanix): I would say that the main problem is that, there are no proper music schools. We all learn by ourselves, or at least we try to, and we lag behind without any proper ideas about music, the theories and many more. Then, there is a lack of record labels in our country for the bands to sign up to. Third and most importantly, this music scene lacks an organized structure for all the musicians to follow right from the word go.


How does Mechanix describe the “DRockstars” phase?

Tridib(Mechanix): Best time of our lives! We had a different line up at that time but then again. We never thought that we would get more than 60,000 sms-es, even in the round that we got eliminated! We saw how people where fighting amongst each other, like I support Mechanix or I support Powersurge and so on. We got an overwhelming response and we thought that we can actually take this music to a whole new level in this society. During that journey, we learned a lot of different ideas which wouldn’t have been possible without DRockstars. After DRockstars, the vision we five had, was a lot more visible and clear to us. During that time people used to tell us that the music sector for us is very small but we took it in a different way. People accept new things in the market, their taste changes continuously. Face it; no one can replicate bands like Rockstrata or Warfaze. They have their different line of music and we have our own and it’s all about upholding the type of music we do and we know that the society, the music scene will accept this. This is one of the biggest things DRockstars taught us.


From DRockstars to 2011, how do you feel each time you go on-stage and the fans singing and screaming along with you?

Tridib(Mechanix): You know, us five people, in the band, we do music just because for the love of doing music and when we present this music to the people, the way they scream with us, sing with us, cheer for us, that has driven us this far and that continues to drive us to do a bit more each time. A bit more for the cheering crowd, a bit more to entertain them, an extra mile for our fans. These fans were the motivation behind the sleepless nights of work in the recording studio! It will eventually be wrong if Mechanix is defined by us five only. All those people who cheer for us, who sings with us, our fans, they are the huge and the better part of Mechanix and they make up the whole band!



From the time Mechanix marched into the music scene till now, there definitely has been a change in our music industry. What do you think about the change and what, exactly, was the change?

Tridib(Mechanix): Well, change is always good. And the music scene, let it be our local one, or the global scene, it’s always dynamic. The audience that tuned into every Metallica concert in 1990’s is busy with his job and family right now. His place is taken by someone else. But the difference is, this change has hit new limits, when our music industry is concerned. For example, there was this show in 2003 which the whole music scene was talking about which presented Aurthohin, in a whole new way, head-banging and doing their music, it created a hype back at that time but it’s pretty normal now and it’s accepted. We believe in order for this change to benefit the country, the media needs to play a big role, ‘cause only if they present the change outside, our bands would be publicized and it can earn the bands, and the country a lot of reputation in the international scene.


According to you, how did Mechanix affected the revolutionary change in Bangladesh music scene?

Tridib(Mechanix): It was a responsibility. It is a trend that if Generation X earns 10Million, it’s the job for Generation Y to earn more. Similarly, the rock culture that bands like Rockstarta and other created, it is our responsibility and compulsory for us to boost it and bring a better change, or else, we would be blame by our future generation! So, yes, it was a responsibility.



How much dedication is needed for a rock band to stand?

Tridib(Mechanix): Trust me, in my case; I only had my life remaining with me! For someone to be in a band and do music, he needs to do a lot of hard work. It’s unimaginable, unexplainable in words! I still remember that I had to go out of my house at 7 in the morning and had to starve the whole day for the music director to give us some time for the mixing of our track. Then we had to return home and do our own publicity! It takes a toll on you. To be honest, it’s all about how you feel for the band. If you don’t feel for the band, it’s going to be tough to exist. Everyone has a different way to feel for the band and express it in different ways, but at the end of the day, it’s how you feel about the band and how you emphasis your music in your life.

There is a lack of sponsors or producers for the new bands that are coming up. Do you agree that this is a problem?

Tridib(Mechanix): We have talented musicians in our country but most of them don’t have an objective to reach by doing their music, therefore, we quit it after a certain point of time. The lack of having a vision has caused our music scene not to have an organized structure for musicians to come up and perform, getting record deals, making albums and what not. This is the biggest problem and it’s high time we have an organized structure. We still don’t have a full time music channel in our country, so it is evident that the content needed now, is less. The need for more content would be felt when a music channel comes to our country and when we will be entering the Asian music market. We believe, we would start having an organized structure then, so that the new ones can start off good as well.


Oporajeyo, how does Mechanix describe the album?

Tridib(Mechanix): We basically tried to harmonize the lyric and the music to present the things that struck us within the last few years. For example, Kalo Bikhhob is written about the things that happen in our everyday lives, things that annoy us but still we remain silent about it. That’s Kalo Bikhhob, how we conceal, what we feel, inside us. Then, Prithhibi 2011 was written about global warming and how it is destroying the earth. Grihopalito Shobhhota was written on the fact that how we and our society, the civilization, is actually being tamed by a few people. It’s being dictated. Oporajeyo was written about all the people in this country who is suffering or facing a problem, and still is standing strong. Starting from the 1971 war for independence where all the fighters who fought for our independence, and now standing strong, to the people who are still fighting for their rights and their basic necessities to be met. We basically tried to work with wider concepts in this album and we don’t know how much we succeeded, it’s all up to the fans.



So, when are we getting a new album?

Tridib(Mechanix): We just released our new album and now we are actually busy with shows, even then, we already started working on our new album. We won’t be making the production process long this time around. So, our fans might expect an album soon.


Anything for the people who love you (fans)?

Tridib(Mechanix): Well, we love all of our fans and we hope they pray for us, support us, and to end it, everyone, never disrespect your country. Always love your country.


Current Line-Up:

Tridib (Vocal)

Nadwee (Bass)

Tamzid (Guitars)

Zeheen (Guitars)

Reaz (Drums)


People like these are nothing less than inspiration for the upcoming bands. They set an example that nothing is impossible if you are determined, not even going international! These 5 people are different, with different responsibilities to play but have a common goal and with that; they stand strong in their position, undefeated. Mechanix is Oporajeyo!



If you truly believe in the power of music and in the power of determination, do share this article with your fellow musicians and friends as well. The example they set is not only for musicians, but for everyone to follow.

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