Weardrobe advice


This question keeps girls standing in front of their closets for hours. Some girls, unfortunately, end up picking the inappropriate attire for the occasion. Say, a masakkali for coaching classes? Funky t-shirt at a wedding? These mistakes make them look odd in a particular situation and earn them a bagful of back bites from friends or relatives. So this article will give you a little idea about the dress-codes of particular places.

Coaching classes: These classes are nowadays as obvious as school in a teenagers life, well, without the uniform of course. That is what you have to keep in mind. Do not enter your classes looking like you are there to attend a concert or a wedding! Wear normal cut salwar kamiz, plain or slightly sequined kurtas. Shirts and Tshirts can also be worn but whatever you wear, it shouldn’t be loud or too eccentric. You can wear cute, small ear rings, bracelets etc and a little bit of kajol won’t harm either. Heavily sequined/laced kamizes, dabbed black eye shadow,racy tshirts, or short pants are NOT for a place you go to study and gain knowledge.

Wedding/Get together: bring out those masakkalis/anarkalis from the back of the closet this time! You can wear gorgeous silk gowns, net/tissue fabrics and sequined dresses that shine! These will make you look stunning and ensure that all the eyes are on you. If you want to look different, try out the formal look: formal shirt, pant and black shoes. With a few beads shining around your neck and minimal makeup, you will look smart and sophisticated.

Hangout/party: hangouts are the best aren’t they? Just having fun with friends and sipping on coffee. You do not have to worry about dress codes to hangouts at all! Just wear casual t-shirts, tunics, jeans, anything you like that is cute and comfortable. Pair them up with converse, ballerina shoes or flats. Parties are best for trying out cool and funky things! Set your imagination free and prepare a get-up that will make you the centre of attention of the party. T-shirts and tunics of any size, colour and type are the best choices. With them, try skinny jeans or layered skirts. Break all the rules and party hard!

So you see, there are certain things you should keep in mind while getting dressed: where you are going, what is the purpose, and who are going to be around you there? So you will be known as the most smart and best dressed girl around.