Some Worst Meals or Drinks in Restaurants Part 2


Dear Readers, I know you are eagerly waiting to know about the other foods in restaurants. I expect you should know about each of these foods in detail and then will go for these. Here are the other six foods–

7.Cheesecake: Among all kinds of cakes, cheese cake contains highest calorie. Ingredients of cheese cakes are: mainly –cheese, sugar butter and cream. So, I think you can understand how much calories or fat are in it. When you take it as dessert, think it as sinful for your waist line or weight.

Calories: 1670-1380 (one slice, based on size)

8.Sandwich: Everyday children prefer to consume sandwiches as their tiffin. Adults also take it during their breakfast, lunch or dinner. It seems as healthy food, but may not be, which depends on ingredients like: chicken, beef, mayonnaise, cheese, butter, margarine etc. Little amount or no meat, butter or cheese is healthier.

Calories: 1370- 500

9. Hot Dog: Hot dogs are made from white breads and sausages. Both are considered as health hazard. They may prepare in different ways, in different restaurants. It also contains sauce, cream, mayonnaise, butter etc. as topping of hot dogs. Which are full of stubborn fats to digest.

Calories: 250

Based on the research of American Institute for Cancer Research, processed meat of one hot dog, everyday increases risk of colorectal cancerby 20%. Hot dogs contain high fat, salt, preservatives like: sodium, nitrate, nitrite, which are main causes of cancer. Cancer risk will be increased if anyone intakes it daily over years—revealed by American Institute of Cancer Research.

10.Fried Wontons: These crispy, crunchy, fried delicious Wontons are normally taken with soup and filled with meat, pron, cheese etc. This food is also made from white flour. Normally we take it as side dish and one Wonton contains 311 calories and 19 grams of fats. So, you can understand that a small one can play a big role to increase your health as well as other risk factors. Being fried, Wontons are also health havoc to cause Cancer as mentioned above for fried chips and chickens.

11. Ice-cream: Ice cream is also a very popular desserts and refreshing for hot weather. Ice creams contain sugar, cream, milk etc. It compresses half-a-day’s saturated fat and a third-of-a-day’s cholesterol into your artery walls. Some people think it as calcium power house, but they don’t think its high sugar, harmful chemical additives, and cream. Ice cream is one of the most significant foods to cause obesity among children and adults.

Calorie: 267 –720 (One cup)

12. Chocolate Milk shake: This drink contains extra sugar (sugar is a white or refined carbs), results high caloric drink. Regular or daily drink to quench one’s thirst may impact obesity and other diseases due to obesity.

Calories: 900(one glass)

One main thing is women should take 1700 calories and men should take 2200 calories to maintain their normal weight. Adding or eating extra calories during one meal time regularly from the above mentioned foods impacts weight gain and obesity. One should not gorge during one meal time, which may results indigestionalso. Impact from this kind of overeating is — extra calories may be stored as fat to our body. So, there is a very close relationship between ill health and fast foods. Actually fast foods are tremendous health havoc. For the above mentioned conspicuous reasons, give up or take occasionally the above foods and include savory or healthy foods in your daily menu.

Another important thing to remind that taking more calories than to burn results weight gain, burning more calories than to consume impacts weight loss, consuming and burning the same number results weight maintenance and stay fit.

So, dear readers don’t crave for the above fast foodsregularly; just go for balanced diet, fresh fruits and vegetables every day. If you eat better, you will feel better. Take care.