Some Worst Meals or Drinks in Restaurants


Part 1: Top Six Worst Foods

Every day, our Bangladeshi people are becoming dependent on restaurant meals or fast foods. These foods are very tasty and satisfy our palate a lot. We are in heaven when we gleefully and ravenously take these foods. But do we know that these foods are not healthy at all?

Fast foods are high in calories, salt and fat – far more than our body actually needs. Some of these foods contain white bread, made from white flour. White flour or refined carbs are not good for health as this is easily digested, less nutritious, contains chemicals or bleaching materials and enhances the blood sugar level rapidly almost like taking raw sugar. Moreover, some of these restaurant foods are deficient of vitamins and proper nutrition. People or children, who are taking these foods regularly, may suffer in malnutrition, obesity and health hazard.

Here are some foods those are worst restaurant meals according to their approximated calories, ingredients, health issues etc. Amount of calories in these foods are depend on their ingredients.

1.Burger Meal:Burgers are fat bomb. Burger may be different types, like: chicken, beef, with/ without cheese (double or single) etc. Burgers in restaurants are made using white buns (same things applies for white flour mentioned above). Consuming French fries and cheese with burger adds up extra calories, fats and sodium. Double decker burgers also contain more calories than normal one. Also take into account the hidden fat amount of mayonnaise in burgers.

Calories: 367-1520 (again, this amount may be whole day allotment of calorie intake from a single burger meal)

2.Soft Drinks: Soft drinks are worst drinks in the world. You may call it poisonous drink, because it contains pesticides as ingredient. It also contains toxins, high sugar, caffeine, carbonated water, acid, preservatives etc. All of these are extremely harmful for our health. Health problems like: obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases may be stimulated because of the culprit Soft drinks.

Calories:One coke can contains 10 teaspoon sugar, results 150 calories. This equates to runnung around 15 minutes for an adult person.

Click to learn detail about health hazard of Soft drinks.

3.Chicken Strip or Chicken fry–All fried foods are full of calories and fat. Chicken fry or strips are fully fried in dip oil, which results bad fat in our body. If it is treated with creamy sauce, white sauce etc., amount of calorie will be even higher.

Calories of Chicken Strips: 1200 (6 pieces). If you take with soft drinks and French fries, then the calorie amount is: 1710 (daily calorie intake of women)

One fried chicken breast contains nearly 400 calories or more and 22 grams of fat. Research revealed that fried foods can increase the risk of cancer. Potentially harmful molecules are released in to the air during heating of oil while cooking, scientists divulged.

If the oil is heated repeatedly, which almost all restaurants typically do, the chemicals are also exposed repeatedly and may increase the risk of diseases like lung, breast and bladder cancer. Fried foods are also the main causes of obesity, high cholesterol and heart diseases because these foods bear high fat.

4.French Fries or Potato Chips: One ounce (28.35 gm) of potato chips contains 152 calories. And 10 grams of fat. Chips are generally made from potatoes – when they are fried, they become calorie dense. If you intake three ounces a week, in one year, you will have taken 23,400 calories and may result in adding 7 pounds to your abdomen or waist line.

Same things are applicable for French fries, a very tasty and popular food in almost all fast food restaurants. But it is one of the worst foods in restaurants indeed. French fries are also made from potatoes, a high starchy food and it is fried. For this, it is a very high caloric fast food. Often it is fried double times in restaurants and causes to increase bad fat, as well as cholesterol. There are hefty dose of salts, starch and saturated fats in French fries.

Calories: 210-570, depends on the size of packet.

Same health issues are applicable for fried chips or French fries, as mentioned for chicken strips or chicken fries. Deep fried chips produce large amounts of carcinogenic chemicals (cancer producing substance) like: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and compound acrylamide, which causes cancer. Royal Society of Chemistry published that somebody regularly intaking high level of these lurking chemical particles, may have a one in hundred chance of growing cancer. So, this is why nowadays French fries is called “Cancer fries”.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition resolved that French fries can lead to enhance the risk of Type 2 diabetes, because of obesity. As potatoes are extremely starchy, it can contribute to obesity.

Last but not the least, chips or French fries have no nutritional value

5. Pan fried noodles or Chow main or Pasta:Noodles are made from refined carbs, like white flour. White flour is not good for health. Moreover, noodles are fried with huge oils. As a result the complete noodles meal is full of high calorie and fat.

Calories (one plate): 1820 -2430 (this amount may be one person’s total daily calorie limit!)

6.Pizza: Pizza is a very famous and enchanting food. When one takes small amount it’s alright according to one meal-time calorie intake, but personal size, like 6 or 9 inches whole pizzas contain lots of calories. Pizzas are made of white flour, high fat cheese, fatty meats etc. For these ingredients, the whole personal size pizza becomes high in salt, fat and calories.

Calories: 1680- 2310 – personal size

To be continued….

Please read upcoming Part 2, more surprising and crucial information is waiting for you.