Yellow Submarine Cafe: Waffle Fever


Food is love.

You know what else is love?

Love is when you are greeted with the warm smell of fresh coffee beans; when you wait longingly for your desired kind of waffles in the finely polished wooden stool. Love is when the warmth of the yellow smiles down on you when those heavenly waffles are finally presented on the marble table.

Love is: Yellow Submarine waffles!

Go Nuts!
Go Nuts! We are pretty sure that’s what love would look like when served on a plate!

When Intikhab Ahmed Nasir, Atif Adel, Rezvi Ahsan, Rezwan Ahsan and Ishtiaque Ahmed Nasir teamed up and opened this cosy place bearing the 60s theme in mind, surely they could not ascertain the number of people who would “Go Nuts” in the place and the uncountable number of selfies that was to be clicked there. People started teeming in when The Beatles’ album ‘Yellow Submarine’ was actualized in real life. Mr. Intikhab is a very amiable guy, and you can often catch him in the zone, indulged in the conversation with the foodies. He welcomes genuine food criticisms, so next time you are on a food expedition there and feel like there are certain improvements that the food needs, do not hesitate to inform the friendly waiters when they ask for your review.

Go Bananas!
Go Bananas! Cause we sure are!

Those sweet and savoury items with wafflelicious twist are always available for your convenience. You can settle in for the all-time favourite “Go Bananas”, two quadrants topped with a swirl of whipped cream along with a spectacular combo of Nutella, ice-cream and bananas, complete with special home-made chocolate syrup bearing a certain tinge of bitterness. I know there are many people, like myself, who do not find fruits likeable but you have to take my word and check it out for yourself: this is going to be a wonderful experience for your tastebuds. It is very filling and there are a number of flavours that melt together to give you an aesthetic experience.


Oreo Milkshake
Oreo Milkshake


Chilli flakes and paprika more of your type? Mr. Intikhab himself had come up with secret recipes for the savoury waffles, the main ingredients being the paprika and black pepper. So, you can choose to settle in for the Pesto Tuna available under Savory Waffle Sandwiches. The blend of tuna spread paired with sweet mayo, honey mustard, pesto sauce and lettuce, with Parmesan cheese and chilli flakes on top; those who like it hot can indulge in the additional Sesame chilli sauce provided with the dish. Did I mention that you would be getting a generous helping of spicy chips as well? The amount is adequate enough to satisfy your stomach and with some more food remaining on the plate. However, if you want to grab a quick bite and something comparatively lighter, order Beef Bologna Cheese with an Oreo Milkshake and your tummy shall definitely be satisfied! Biting on the cheese and the beef bologna waffle sandwich, munching on those big chunks of Oreo intermittently- your guaranteed ticket to a full appetite!

Pesto Tuna 1
Pesto Tuna


If you are craving waffles and cash is a factor, well it should not be anymore! Tk. 300 is all you need to get yourself a filling share of waffles, and drinks range from Tk.110 to Tk.240 so you can take your pick. However, unless you are a huge foodie, four quadrants of waffles in the regulars will be more than enough!

Beef Bologna Cheese
Beef Bologna Cheese

Six months into the journey, and Yellow Submarine is going steadily up the graph. They also provide excellent catering services which they commenced from February, receiving positive reviews till date. Imagine warm waffles with special sauces being made and served upfront in your desired occasion!

YS5Therefore, next time in order to appease and pacify the foodie monster within you, pay a visit. PS: from one chowhound to another- you shall not regret it!

Location: House#121/D, Road#44, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212