Band in Focus: Bronson Australia


Looking for metal music that will make your heart beat faster, get your adrenaline pumped up, make you bang your head hard enough to get it to the verge of being torn apart from your neck?! Well, then listen to this Australian band Bronson which makes some of the best metal music that your ears will get to hear.


Five men got together in the year 2007 and started making music. Soon, they joined Melbourne’s music scene and were known as Zatarras Vengeance. With hard work, continuous practice, and determination, the band only got better over time; in the year 2009, they changed their focus, goals, line-up and changed the name of the band to BRONSON. Within a very short time, BRONSON had created hype amongst the music listeners of Melbourne with their fast-paced, heavy, and groovy metal.

The hype over Bronson’s music only got larger with time and Bronson became a popular name within the Melbourne music industry when they released their ‘kick-ass’ debut self-titled EP on January 2010. The EP brought the band to mass public attention and revealed the astounding talents that each member of the band possesses. 2010 was a significant year for the band as they gained a lot of positive feedbacks from local and online press, while some of their songs were played on national radios.

The band released their single ‘Against all Odds’ in 2011 and this is a song that will surely make you jump up from that chair you are sitting on right now, make you bang your head, clench your fists, and make you snare too! IT IS THAT GOOD!!!!


Listening to Bronson’s music will make you crave to hear more of their music, not only is their music fast-paced, extremely heavy, groovy, brutal, and melodic; you will find it tremendously addictive too. The guitars, the drums, the vocal, everything just combines to make music that will certainly give you an instant rush! With an album in the wings, due 2012, sky is the limit for this ever impressive Melbourne band. Bronson is Youthsparks’s Band in Focus(Australia) for the month of December.


Band Line-Up:

Jay Clair – Throat
Gary Max Horn – Guitar/Vocals
Ben Rogers – Guitar/Vocals
Chris Ferre – Drums/Vocals
Elliot Williams – Bass


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