Band in Focus (International): Storm Corrosion


When you see that a band has decided to take on the twisted side of music, you have to realize that it has to be either Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree, or Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth. But what can be better than seeing both of them collaborate and create some magic for our aural pleasure? If you have that kind of a dream, your dream is surely taking its shape! Youthsparks today presents to you, a band which the metal heads need to know of, and the others just have to look out for: Strom Corrosion, comprised of the highly talented guitarist and vocalist of Swedish metal legends, Opeth- Mikael Akerfeldt, and the man who has everything in his head, is considered to be one of the greatest musicians to walk on this earth who can turn wood to gold by his music; singer and guitar player for Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson.


The fans who were following Opeth for a long time know that Opeth and Wilson have worked on a few projects where Mr. Wilson acted as the co-producer of the band, for example Blackwater Park. For this pair, that was the start of something new, in terms of musicality. They always wanted to collaborate in order to make some music, and they finally got the chance.


When Akerfeldt was asked about the project, he replied, “We never discussed what we were going to do. I went down to hang out at Steven’s house, and we drank wine and talked about music, but neither of us had anything prepared. We wrote the song ‘Drag Ropes’ [Storm Corrosion’s opening track] that first night, and we both thought it was pretty cool. We’d never heard anything like it and it doesn’t really sound like our bands. We found our own niche, right then and there.”

According to Wilson, “It was special, different and intriguing. We ran in the opposite direction of the idea of a prog metal supergroup that people had been talking about and expecting from us. It was a chance to delve into more experimental ideas. We were being wilfully self-indulgent in the best possible way, making music to please ourselves. There’s something wonderfully pure and liberating about that you can hear that in these songs.”


This specific project is planning to deliver music that is refreshing to the ear; which has never been heard. As their recent works, “Heritage – Opeth” and “Grace for Drowning – Steven Wilson” has added a whole new dimension to aural palates of the listeners, the type of sound and the music that this group is willing to create is something that is worth waiting for.


Wilson commented, “For me, self-indulgence is one of the fundamental things about being an artist. Do not make music or art to please other people. If you do, you’ve stopped being an artist and you’ve become an entertainer. This is a very cinematic, impressionistic and immersive record. We just got together and it poured out of us. With this record you’re entering into a very unusual and unfamiliar sonic universe and that’s a very exciting thing to be part of.”


The album is due to come out on 23rd of April, 2012 through Roadrunner Records. As the release date draws near, it will not act as a surprise that anyone who knows their bands and the music they do are eagerly waiting to hear from this duo. So, watch out for this group-they are here to blow us away!

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