Band in Focus (USA): The Product


You might have not heard about THE PRODUCT yet and are probably wondering who these guys are. Well, they are the future folks! The future of rock music, you might think it’s a bit over rated but you are wrong and if you don’t believe me then check them out. These guys are surely gonna be the new face of modern rock music. They have talent , desire and most importantly they got what it takes to survive in the music business .

These guys live music! Eat music! Music is everything to them, it’s there passion. They are definitely one of the most hard working bands I have come across. So don’t waste time start following them right now!

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Coming from a city that has all but collapsed due to the economy, this Detroit based band is literally making their move. After their initial e.p. release called “Break The Silence,” and their latest single “Make Your Move,” this band has had theme songs for TNA Wrestling pay per views, iTunes features, has received the award of number one unsigned band on, toured the Midwest, sold 3,000 copies of their initial release that was self produced, mixed and mastered. These guys are some of the hardest working people around and do you know why that is? That’s how they were raised.

“Detroit is the best city to prepare for the music lifestyle.” Says B.J. Perry lead singer of The Product. “It’s hard, cold, unforgiving, but if you are lucky enough to get this city behind you, nothing and no one can stop you.” The band aims to reinvigorate Detroit back to “Detroit Rock City.”

Their latest single “Make Your Move,” is going to be a standalone song for iTunes and a generous portion of their sales will go directly to Habitat For Humanity because they believe that everyone deserves a chance to make their dreams come true.

In the next coming months they will be recording their follow up e.p. titled “So Alive,” with Greg Archilla whose credits include: Safetysuit, Collective Soul, The Veer Union, Framing Hanley and many more. Between a strong local following, radio support all over the state of Michigan and working with a great team behind them, this young band with the average age of 22 will be pushed into the rock music industry spotlight over the next year. Look out for their follow up E.P. “So Alive,” to hit stores before 2011.


BJ Perry – Vocals/Guitar,

RJ Perry – Drums,

Rich Bennett – Bass/Vocals,

Charlie Jewell – Guitar/Vocals