Beautiful Bangladesh


When this 3 and a half minute video was being shown on the Giant Screen of Bangabandhu National Stadium and were viewed by millions on television, the whole world held its breath and watched the beauty of our motherland Bangladesh, the whole world watched that beyond all the poorness and corruption, Bangladesh is a country that can never be compared to any other country when talking about natural beauty, the almighty was very generous while decorating our country….

As soon as the video was watched, most of us wanted to know about the genius who created this masterpiece, well, here it is….

This documentary was created by Mr. Gazi Shuvro, when he was asked about this documentary, he said,”If you dont love your country then its impossible to see the beauty within it”. He got the permission of making a documentary for the opening ceremony from an advertising company named Dhaka. He started filming on 19th January in Cox’s Bazar, the shooting was done in Bandarban, Nilgiri, Chittagong, Kaptai, Gopalgonj, Tungipara, Bagerhaat, Mongla, Sundarbans, Khulna, Kushtia, Meherpur, Bagura, Paharpur, Dhaka’s Laalbaag Kella, and Shahid Minar.

During the Shooting, the production manager Zahed, died in an accident in Kaptai Lake. The work was stopped for three days due to this accident. The post shooting work was done in Red Dot Studio. The cameraman’s name is Khoshru. It took 23 days to finish the documentary.

The video is going to be viewed on different Television channels throughout the world cup.