Fashion Trends for Men


Nowadays, most people chase fashion and always try to keep up with it, sorry to say, but most of them (Mostly Men) fall out looking Lame and Not Good. Here are a few tips which you should follow when you go out.

Where are you going:

Where you are going is very important when you dressup, suppose you are going to a friend’s marriage, if you go wearing a T-Shirt and a three-quarter, you will not only look like a total jerk, but i am sure that your friend will act like he doesnt know you at all. When you dressup, ask yourself where you are going, is it a Formal place or event like a job-interview, your friend’s marriage, your family member’s or friend’s marriage anniversary, a date where your girlfriend is wearing a saree, etc. or is it a informal place or event, like a class, hanging out with friends, concerts, etc. If you arent so sure about if the event or place is formal or informal, think about what other people are supposed to wear in there. If others wear formal get-up you better get into a formal getup.


What is Formal Getup?

The formal getup is simply the getup people in corporate offices wear, okay dont get scared, you dont have to wear a suit/ a blazer and all that. Wear a formal shirt (Preferably, long sleeved) and a pair of formal pants, make sure that your shirt is neatly tucked into the pants, if you are wearing a long sleeved shirt, make sure you are buttoned up near the wrists. And for God’s Sake, please dont wear a sandle or a vance or a converse with those pants, try wearing a shoe that matches up with the colour of your pants. You can wear a tie if you feel like wearing one, but its not a must.

Best Colour Combinations for Formal Getup:

Dark Blue Shirt, Black Pants, Black Shoes.

White Shirt, Black Pants, Black Shoes.

White Shirt, Brown Pants, Brown Shoes.



The Best places to get Formal shirts and pants are: ARTISTI, WESTECS, CATS EYE, MENZ CLUB, INFINITY.


Oh, and I almost forgot, Panjabees are also very good choices to wear in a formal event.


What is Informal Getup?

I am sure you already know what an informal getup, its the things you wear in a regular day when you get out, but there are some things about informal getup that most people dont know.


Informal Shirts

This is where most men seriously needs help, I go out everyday and i watch men watching tight shirts, and shirts with wacked out designs on them and thousands of ripples and shades and tears and glitters on the shirt, and most of them think that girls look at them because they look HAWT!! but the reality is, they just look weird and most girls are disgusted by their appearances. THE MOTTO OF DRESSING UP SHOULD BE TO KEEP IT SIMPLE AND NOT LOUD, whenever you get out their to buy a informal shirt, look for the design on the shirt and make sure its not too loud. Also make sure the design is simple(Checkers, Stripes) and not like a crow walked over it with inks on its claws. Make sure the colour combinations is simple, AND PLEASE NEVER BUY SHIRTS THAT GLITTER, UM GONNA KILL MYSELF IF YOU READ THIS ARTICLE AND STILL BUY ONE!!!!!!!!!

The best places to buy informal shirts are : O2, WESTECS, ECSTASY, DOORS, OCCULT and others…..



Any type of T-Shirt you wear is cool, just make sure that it doesnt glitter, torn, ripped, too tight or things like that.. the coolest kinds of T-Shirts are the one with statements on it, just dont wear a T-Shirt that has a very common statement like “Make Me Horny” or “Make me Happy”, wear something new and different. When you wear a T-Shirt inside a shirt and leave the shirt unbuttoned, make sure the T-Shirt has a nice design in front.



Most guys need real help in these case, PLEASE DONT WEAR TIGHT JEANS, that is a rule that you should always abide by, the fashion of tight jeans were gone during the 1970s, wear jeans that are a bit baggy (NOT TOO BAGGY), with good-looking shades, if you dont like shades, then just wear an one coloured jeans, but whatever you do just keep it simple.


In case of three-quarters, well, any kind of three quarters is okay, but the best ones are the ones with checkers.



Never wear belts with big dials with LEVIS,G-Unit or anything written on them, remember you are not JOHN CENA, and these are totally out of fashion.



The trend of Converse is long gone, now its time to wear Vans, Vans’ are really cool to look at and come with awesome designs and colours. Most branded shops are going to charge you too high for a pair of Vans, but if you want them in cheap, go looking for them in Elephant Road, Bata Signal. You will get them in prices around tk. 1200-2500.

If you dont like wearing something heavy on your feet, wear slipper-like sandals, they are awesome all-terrain, all-weather, sandals and you can wear them in all informal getups. They are really cheap, you will get them in almost everywhere.


Wear what you feel comfortable in:

Its worthless going out fashionable and being uncomfortable, colours matters a lot in case of comfort, dont wear dark colours in heat, and always note the material of a clothing when you buy it.