Games: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty


Blizzard Entertainment

Sci-Fi Real-Time Strategy

Release: Jul 27, 2010

» ESRB: Teen

Traditional and fresh in all the right ways, this strategy sequel is an absolute joy for veterans and newcomers alike. Campaign offers a lot of variety Awesome cinematics and great voice acting get you involved in the story.Element of choice gives campaign lots of replay valuen.Excellent online play featuring three disparate but balanced factions. Challenges and practice league ease neophytes into competitive play.

Starcraft II was clearly built to run on all manner of PCs.Its system requirements are relatively low,and even at the highest settings,noticeable aliasing and some simple geometry keep it from setting a new bar for technical wizardry. Yet,it sports a wonderful sci-fi look and is filled with little details that constantly catch your eye,from buzzards scouring the dusty land to tiny civilian robots flitting to and fro.The campaign features a lovely variety of different environments, from tree-lined roadways stretching through green meadows to the charred crust of once-populated worlds. Units move with absolute fluidity, making the simple act of issuing orders a pleasure. Equally great sound effects augment the pleasure.The clicks and gurgles of the Zerg are appropriately repulsive,while the hums and buzzes of Protoss structures and units are distinctive and satisfying.

Starcraft II rushes 3 million!


Blizzard releases first-month sales total for Wings of Liberty; real-time strategy sequel on track to meet analyst expectations.