The Power of Good Music- LiveSquare: Concerts

Livesquare: Concerts
Livesquare: Concerts

While the majority was trying to either get to their homes early or prepare themselves for a late night party on new Years’ Eve, 600 people registered for a joy ride called, “RedSquare” – A pre[rock]party. A unique rock experience which saw the likes of Nemesis, Shunno, Cryptic Fate, Powersurge and many more under one roof, with their sophisticated music and mind-boggling energy. This particular event dictated what Live Square is all about: Good Music.


“The Power of Good Music” – with this as motto, Live Square started its’ journey to transform this country into a place where good music has its’ value. One of the very first projects of Live Square was “The Wireless Sessions”. These sessions started out as passion projects of Mr. Nafis Ahmed, CEO of Live Square, which made a difference, in terms of sound and the environment which hosts the sound, giving it a homely and comfortable feel. More importantly, it marked the rise of a popular trend of Lounge Music in this country. When we asked Mr. Tawsif Mahbub [Business Development Executive at Live Square as to why they are still going on with Wireless, he answered that they still have a reason to get it going – it is still better than any Lounge gigs, at least the audience feels that way and it still manages to make a difference every time. This years’ Wireless saw Chirkutt and Casa Murilo [Norway] in an open air gig which anticipated around 5000 audience at one go. This is a prime example of how they are continuing to be the difference – each time breaking their own records.


Speaking of the international spectrum, Live Square concerts have taken up the idea of connecting the international bands with the right nature of audience in this country. The trend of international artists coming in out is not new. What is new is: The company works for welfare of the music community, by arranging workshops and gigs which are accessible by musicians and listeners alike, as opposed to the trend of private sessions. They have done so with bands and artists like Starch and Ken Stringfellow. Moreover, the development program with Rikskonsertene (Concerts Norway) gives a proper idea of the aim of this company: Development and Prosperity.


The company’s biggest gig up till now is “The ABC Generation”, which includes three of the biggest bands of this country, Artcell, Black and Cryptic Fate, under one roof with their outstanding music. Mr. Tawsif Mahbub also says that this is an initiative to bring back the best music generation of this country, at least once a year, in order for all of us to embrace the power of Good Music.


We have asked a few musicians about their opinions on Live Square initiatives. Mr. Shanto, from Blunderware, told us how these initiatives are bringing about a positive change. He believes that Live Square is among one of the few organizers who are creating scope of promotions of non-mainstream musicians in this country. Rasheeq Rayhan, owner of Phrenesis Studios, says that these concerts are bringing a positive shift in terms of how concerts should be perceived and executed. He also believes that other initiatives taken by the company, for example the record labels and creating scope for small-time local bands to release their music in their website will help improve the music community holistically and also, sustain the improvement.


We, at youthsparks, also believe that Live Square: Concerts are bringing forward a musical revolution which is highly required at this moment. We believe that the promotion and platform that is being offered to new and upcoming musicians of this country is of huge gravity and if they can embrace it with open arms, the community is deemed to improve. We wish Live Square the best luck for its future endeavors and, like them, also believe in their journey for The Power of Good Music.