You might have asked this question to yourself a lot of times, ‘can I quit drugs?’ How can I quit doing it? And I am guessing that you are frustrated about not being able to quit. Well, let me be honest with you no matter what I say, I can’t make you quit until u want to quit drugs. But I can give some suggestion that might help you to quit your addiction towards drugs, but remember you can only quit if you really want to.

First of all, do you know what an addiction is? Well some people say it’s a disease and it has no cure, but it isn’t true because disease is an affliction that can be diagnosed but addiction is a behavior and it cannot be diagnosed because it’s a CHOICE! We usually turn towards drugs because of depression which comes from family issues, social issues and lack of belief in our on abilities. Like personal problems in family, trouble in a relationship, failing in everything you attempt and etc. These things usually lead towards loneliness and you slowly start to become a social outcast which eventually leads toward depression. At first taking drugs seems normal it doesn’t have a bad effect but slowly it starts to take control over you and all of a sudden you just can’t quit. It becomes a part of your life a part you just can’t throw away.

So how do you quit this, by going to a rehab??? NO!!! Statistically speaking only 10 out of 100 people come out clean after going into a rehab. The rest eventually start over again and this can be very dangerous. In rehabs they treat addiction as a disease and try to cure it as much as possible. They tend to hide the emotional state of the client and teach him or her how to press their feelings inside. Making them believe that they are weak .This can be very harmful because it might eventually lead to a whole new level of depression.

So now you know why these traditional treatments fail. Now let’s talk about how to recover from addiction. This depends on the severity of your addiction. To start recovery the first thing you need to do is realize what got you into drugs for and find out the root of your addiction. It’s very simple usually the root addiction is depression. Take some time and try to figure out the source of your emotional pain! When you’re done, the first thing you need to do is get yourself busy , go out with friends , spend time with your family, read books , get into any sort of sport , join yoga classes . There are a lot of things to do, do whatever you feel like to keep your mind away from those emotional issues and try to stay as positive as possible. Try and get your confidence back and slowly your addiction toward drugs will start to fall. There will be times when your mind will tell you to take it but you have to be mentally and physically strong to fight through this. I hope this can help you guys.

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