Watch out & Make Space


Recently there has been a lot of changes surrounding the music of Bangladesh, people have started listening to many varieties of Genres & lots of bands are stepping up to satisfy the listener’s needs. Hip Hop has also been introduced to our culture and many talented Hip-Hop crewz are performing in concerts and creating new tracks around the country.

Around the year 2005, there weren’t many bands in Bangladesh, but as time went on, many bands have been formed. Not all the bands are equally good though; many people go to concerts and come home unsatisfied. It doesnt mean that all the bands are bad; some of the bands that have been formed recently and are new to the music industry are awesome. Some awesome bands are: Crematic X, Owned, Inanimate, Germantown, Breach, A.O.D., D.O.T., Satanik, etc…..

Hip Hop is relatively new to our culture compared to rock and metal music, but there are some crews that are causing a revolution in Hip Hop music in our country, and lots of people are enjoying their tracks. Crewz like this are: Deshi MCs, Uptown Lokolz, Thugs on Roids, Sinister. There are also some crewz that arent very well known yet, but are talented,and one day they will hit the mainstream for sure. crewz like this are: Lyrical Assassins, R.I.S.