Band in Focus: Blunderware


Music that comes straight out from the soul is always the best type of music. Nowadays, Soul music is very rare, with all the seriousness, fame-hunting, hardcore music around; it’s refreshing to see a group of men stepping up to do music for the sake of loving it and not to get anything out of it. The group of men all play in a band called ‘Blunderware’. To be honest, I really am having a hard time to describe the band Blunderware in brief, but for now, lets keep you satisfied by saying “it’s a band formed by five extremely talented musicians with a fabulous sense of humor and an unusual affection towards underwares(or in their language ‘Chaddis’) :D”

The potential of this childlike humor loving band was realized by music lovers with the release of ‘Aashor(A band Mixed Album)’ where Blunderware’s first single ‘Afim Chaash’ was placed. I do not have a lot of knowledge about music, hence I cannot use the terms that music critics would use to describe the song ‘Afim Chaash’, all I know is that after a very hefty day, I came back home, listened to the song for the first time and over the next hour I had listened to this song for at least 10 times. I got so indulged into the song and was singing the chorus ‘Nesha toh Jailonaa’ out so loud that my mom started giving me skeptical looks (I am pretty sure that she was thinking of sending me to Rehab). The soothing essence of folk music, the spontaneous singing by the vocal, and the rhythm provided by the instruments all around is the perfect blend; a flawless masterpiece. If you are having a hard time and looking for relaxation; wear your earphones, play ‘Afim Chaash’, it will relieve you of all your stress. It’s like a spa to your mind.


Listen to Blunderware’s First Single ‘Afim Chaash’:

After the hype created by ‘Afim Chaash’, the band followed it up with the release of their second single ‘Mosharir Ei Din Raatre’. Although a tad bit different from their first single, this track speaks of the versatility that this band is capable of providing. The lyrics of this song is more complex and deep in contrast to that of ‘Afim Chaash’, nonetheless, it has got a certain naive essence attached to it and the song is very likeable.

The sense of humor that this band possesses is very admirable. To give you an idea of their humor, here is a part from the info of the Blunderware page on facebook:

Genre: B.A.R.F.I. (Blues.Alternative.Rock.Funk.Indie)

Description: Mushfiq just let out a dim pada (literally: egg fart, also known as Hridoy Bhuna Khichuri Mix) in the lift with all five of us inside, as we were descending from his flat in Chittagong. We nearly died in the process, but as we lived to tell the tale, we also realized that we were in this together, and together, we would survive millions more of Mushfiq’s breakfast egg tinged gas leaks. From that b…lunder onwards, Blunderware came into being. We promise you that we will make you wet your underpants with our awesome music. No, that didn’t come out right. Ah well, always remember, it is you who wears the pants, not the other way around. Stay safe, and please, don’t try this at home. With monkeys, or women. Please.

Band Interests: Blunderbitchslapping, Shanto’s head slapping, Delishas er kabab, house building er chafee. Did i mention Blunderbitchslapping?

Added to these, the band will also make you laugh during their concert performances, like the time they performed a mini version of ‘Sheila Ki Jawaani’ in The Wireless Sessions (Click Here to watch it). So, Yeah, you get my point…

Blunderware has been nominated in the ‘Best Rock Group’ Category for the Indiego Music Awards by Bite My Music. Bite My Music is an organization from different countries who promote deserving small time musicians. They have hosted other awards, but the IndieGo is limited to South Asian indie artists.

I Request all the Readers to Vote for Blunderware in the in the IndieGo Music Awards. To vote all you have to do is:

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Band Line-Up (Extracted from their Facebook Page):

Syed Wadud : Blunderbitch (drums, pliers, closets)

Salman Zahir : The Blundertaker (bass, tobacco destruction, wet sari in the rain sequences)

Moktadir Dewan Shanto : Blundershine (guitars, beatboxing, emotions, more emotions)

Mushfiq Hasan : Blunderhair (guitars, guitar processors, Best Actor awards)

Rushnaf Wadud : Blunder-The-Thing-All-Women-AND-Men-Under-The-Age-Of-30-Barring-Incestuous-Alliances-Live-For (vocals, randomness, positions)

With a ridiculously good sense of humor, unmatched passion for music and the gift of making terrifically good music, Blunderware is Youthsparks’ Band in Focus.

Vote for Blunderware in the IndieGo Music Awards, spread the word and join the Chaddi Movement. 🙂

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