Winter Accessory Trends


Winter wear can be difficult to pull off, considering the cooler temperatures are more likely to encourage functional dressing rather than the latest fashions. Luckily, there are a few trends that can carry through the cold winter season and into spring. The following are some winter accessory trends to watch.

Bright Colors

Bright colors are key this season in maintaining a fashionable and stylish wardrobe. Why does winter have to mean dressing in gray, black, or white? It doesn’t, not this year. Jewel tones are in; that means emerald green, deep purple, sapphire, and wine reds. Choose a key piece that pops with color to add dimension to a solid sheathe. Wrist bands in bright, bold complementary colors are an instant statement. Or choose bright, dual-toned pumps to wear to the office instead of drab black or brown. Either way, black and gray for the winter time are out; color accessories are in!


Wristbands can come in all shapes and sizes. What’s easier right now that layering a few in varying textures and widths to add intrigue to an outfit? Trending right now are pieces that look a little dangerous while still remaining feminine. And don’t feel limited by thin wrist bands; thick cuffs, closer to bangles, add a flare of color.

Textures-Faux Fur or Feathers

In the mood for something cozier? Try faux fur. Faux fur is a go-to for winter, as it can make any outfit instantly glamorous. Buy a faux fur scarf or warmth and as a complement to an otherwise neutral outfit. Stacked-heeled boots or wedges with fur lining are a fun way to change up winter footwear. Another option is choosing a leather clutch with a snappy buckle and faux lining; a fun statement for a night out. Even more irreverent yet feminine is feathers to accent detailing on pieces. For example, on an evening clutch, or around a neckline. Either way, it is a fun feature that will turn heads.


The key to winter fashion is layering, which can allow for more choices with fewer pieces when planning out what to wear. Try a knit dress under a cropped sweater, or a cropped jacket over a longer-sleeved shirt. Or try a long flowing dress with a sweater coat overtop, but be sure one of the pieces is in a light material—go too heavy and the outfit will look cumbersome and bulky. Try a vest over a jacket or vice versa.


Tunics are a must-have for winter; not only are they versatile and come in infinite variety and color, they’re comfortable and can be layered as well. Almost universally flattering, this winter season boasts tunics with a bit more detailing at the waist, for an even more alluring cut. Tunics go well over skinny jeans or slacks in a matching fabric. A belt at the waist can help with this effect as well; try the belt in a contrasting color, or use a brooch by the waist for a similar effect.