Healthy Smoking!


Most Magazines or websites will tell you that smoking is bad and that you should quit and BLA BLA BLA BLA….. well, is not one of your ordinary lifestyle magazine, and I am no ordinary boring article writer. Most magazines do tell you the truth and its true that smoking is bad and is one of the main causes for various types of Cancers, but being a smoker myself, I know that it isnt that easy to quit smoking, and I really dont have any desire to leave smoking as well. But, I always follow a few rules about smoking. Here are the rules:
1. The Brand That You Are Smoking:

The Brand that you smoke is really very, very important. Most of us want to live a long life, and we dont want any cheap brands of cigarettes to waste our life. Remember, Cheap cigarettes are only cheap because the quality of the tobacco and the quality of the filter is really very, very low. I would like to refer all my readers Benson Lights. Benson Lights is a cigarette that is proved to cause lower health risks when compared to other cigarettes. I would recommend my readers only to smoke good branded cigarettes like Benson, Marlboro, 555……… these brands might cost more, but trust me, they arent expensive then your life.

2. How Often Do You Smoke:

This is also a very important rule, the more often you smoke makes you more vulnerable to health risks, an average person should only smoke 4 cigarettes per day and not more.

3. The Level In A Cigarette Till Which You Should Smoke:

Smoking 2/3rds of a cigarette is alright, this is because the last 1/3rd of the cigarette contains more Nicotine, Tar and other foreign dangerous materials than the other 1/3rd of the cigarette.

4. Never Relight A Cigarette:

Suppose you are smoking in a rainy day, and a drop of water falls on the cigarette causing the fire to extinguish, never relight it. REMEMBER, THIS RULE, NEVER RELIGHT A CIGARETTE ONCE THE FIRE HAS EXTINGUISHED, this is because it effects your health more than a combined effect of a number of cigarettes.

5. Use Antiseptic Mouthwashes and Smoker’s Paste:

Once you are done smoking for the day, go to your washroom and use antiseptic mouthwashes such as Listerine, and brush twice a day with Smoker’s Pastes, this is because, smoking causes your teeth to go yellow and look really disgusting. Using Smoker’s Paste and Antiseptic Mouthwashes keeps your Mouth Clean and your teeth healthy.

From the next time you smoke, follow these rules and I guarantee you that you will surely live a healthy living and you dont have to quit smoking!